2016 News and Documentary Emmy Awards

I had the immense honor of receiving the Mike Wallace Memorial Journalism Scholarship in New York City this September. My mom, Lisa, and I flew out to New York to attend the Emmy awards gala that morning and the rest of the day was just a whirlwind.

We got to sightsee on the way to our hotel

And then we arrived to the gala

I was called onstage to receive the scholarship after we were seated. David Rhodes, president of CBS News, took me on a quick backstage tour and introduced me onstage.


He didn’t mention that I would be speaking before throwing me the mic, so here is the resulting impromptu speech:

I apologize for the iPhone quality video

I got to meet journalism icons such as Scott Kelley, Jake Tapper and Lester Holt, and the presidents of ABC and PBS.

Meeting Scott Pelley for the first time


Though the trip was lightning fast, I’ll never forget it. It was without a doubt one of the best days of my life and I’m so grateful to all of the news anchors who answered my many questions, David Rhodes for introducing me and showing me around, my mom for accompanying me, and Adam Sharp, the scholarship coordinator who made the entire trip possible.


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