10 Things That Suck About Coming Back From Break


A month away from campus sounded peachy at the beginning. Getting to eat home-cooked meals again, sleeping in a bed slightly larger than the XL twin provided in the dorms, and freezing to death if you come from out of state, but at some point, we had to come back to reality. Here we are at the beginning of second semester, resettling into routines and creating new ones. As fun as Arizona State is, there are a few things we definitely did not miss.

  1. Long elevator lines

Nothing kills the rush you experience after getting out of class like a throng of people huddled by the elevator. Will I make the next one? Who are all these people? Do they even go here? The frustration is so real.

  1. Dining hall food

Without a doubt, ASU’s dining halls provided better tasting food than we were expecting.  But after being spoiled at our houses, we’ve come back to realize that nothing compares to home cooked food that goes from pan to plate to table within minutes. There’s always Chick Fil A close by, but one can only eat so many chicken sandwiches before starting to gain weight, which leads us to number eight.

  1. Going back to the gym

Winter break messed up the routine of exercise we fell into first semester. More than likely, students feel the need to work out at school more so than they did while they were celebrating the holidays and catching up with friends and family. Now that we’re back, we realize how much weight we’ve gained eating mom’s mashed potatoes for a month, and that leads to more gym time. It’ll be tough to work off that extra poundage, but we’re all in the same (gravy) boat.

  1. Sleeping in a bed that is not technically ours

Mattress pads work wonders, but even the cushiest of them can’t save us from the back pain we’ll experience the first week of sleeping on our XL twins. The dorms were so kind to provide us with a place to sleep, but after growing accustomed to our own REAL mattresses again, it’s a real struggle trying to fall asleep on our school beds, not to mention the heightened risk of falling out of them. Huddle in the corner and don’t forget that you can’t roll over. Stay safe, everyone.

  1. Alarms

This one is universal for students. Going from sleeping in all the time to hearing obnoxious beeping is enough to drive anyone crazy. It’s a good thing most people use their phones as alarms. You can’t throw those at the wall without consequences.

  1. Paying for food. And Uber. And everything else.

If you didn’t appreciate the freedom you had at home, you will now. Starting school again means no more freebie lunches with mom and no car to drive yourself around in. Thank goodness M&G reset because we’re out here fending for ourselves!

  1. People

It’s great to come back and see all the friends we’ve been missing. There are stories to be told and new memories to be made, but alas. Just as you begin sharing every detail of what happened over break, that one person you’ve dreaded seeing walks by. You cringe in disgust. Most people here are fantastic, but we all know of a few that make us want to run and hide. Gotta love living in such close proximity!

  1. Phoenix tap water

Alright. Let’s be honest. The tap water in Phoenix tastes like it just ran through a cactus. It’s time to stock up on water bottles again because desert water is just as nasty as it sounds.

  1. Tiny showers

What a luxury it was to have such nice bathing accommodations at home. Full bathtubs and walk-in showers that can actually be moved in will be greatly mourned as we return to the miniature cubicles we are expected to cleanse ourselves in. You can barely shave your legs without injuring an elbow, a knee, or falling completely out of the shower. (We all know we’ve done it.) It’s a good thing water is covered in our housing because it takes a solid 30 minutes to get clean when the water pressure is that of a runny hose.

  1. Classes

How could we forget about classes. The actual reason we must return from our winter vacation. One semester closer to a degree, one semester closer to real life, and one semester closer to becoming the people we dream of becoming. Work hard, friends. Spring break is on its way.


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